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Budget Busting Snow

The Friends of Louis I. Kahn Park pay a contractor to clear the snow from the sidewalks along the south and east sides of this city-owned park, and to clear a path across the middle of the park.

We do this because we know the city won’t or can’t do it, even though we can argue they should.  We budgeted $700 for snow removal for this season, which seemed reasonable given the experience of the last two years.  By March 1 we had spent over $2,500 on snow removal and expect that by the time the daffodils are blooming our snow removal charges will be about $3,000.

Please consider making a small, additional gift to the Friends of Louis I. Kahn Park this month to help offset our snow removal costs.  The Friends board is diligent about working within the budget.  Thirty-five percent of our budget this year comes from individual donations.  Your help will be greatly appreciated.  If you mark your special donation “snow removal” it will help us know how to direct it.

Use the PayPal or Dwolla donation buttons to make an online donation, or mail a check to us at PO Box 1830, Philadelphia, PA 19105-1830.SnowKahnPark

The Buttons Are Back

For those who choose to make online donations to the General Fund,  PayPal buttons have been added to the site.  You’ll find them on the right side of both the Home page and the General Fund Donations page.

Members may access their accounts by clicking on the appropriate button.  Non-members of PayPal may use the PayPal button to make credit card donations, just as before.

Donors wishing to make online donations to the Endowment Fund may now do so by using the hyperlink to The Philadelphia Foundation’s donations page, found at the bottom of our Endowment Fund Donations page.