Louis I. Khan Park

Helping our gardens grow

The gardening team at Kahn Park is focused on their mission of introducing native plants into the surrounding gardens. By showcasing the beauty of plants that can thrive in this area and climate, we can all do our part to support the wildlife that co-evolved along with them.

Lately, we’ve focused on perennials and prioritized a shorter list of flowers, including great blue lobelia, white lobelia, variegated Jacob’s ladder and blue wood aster. 

Neighborhood donations are often applied toward gardening tools, bulbs and labor costs needed to safely prune the larger, higher trees throughout the gardens. 

join us to celebrate

Love Your Park Day

Each year, thanks to The Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Department, volunteers from across the city join us to clean, prune and plant during Love Your Park Day.

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Little free library

Any book, any time!

On your next visit to Kahn Park, grab or share a book at our Little Free Library, right on the corner. We welcome any book, and hope you also join us in supporting the organization’s mission to combat the efforts to ban some of our favorite books in schools, libraries and communities nationwide. Everyone deserves the right to choose what they read, so please join us in providing the best to our wonderful community. 

To donate directly to Little Free Library’s Let Freedom Read banned book program, visit