General Fund Donations

Donations made to the general fund of the Friends pay for the annual operating expenses of the park.  The City of Philadelphia contributes electricity and water through the Department of Parks and Recreation.  All other expenses are funded by donations from residents, businesses and other friends of the park.

While many park activities are performed by volunteers, the general fund covers the fees of professional arborists, maintenance costs of the fountain and grounds, semiweekly sweeping of the park, printing and postage costs, plants and gardening supplies, and the cost of the Concerts in the Park series.  We are grateful for all donations.  The Friends of Louis I. Kahn Park is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

How To Make Donations:

Donate online with a major credit card or a bank-issued debit card.  Click on the yellow PayPal donate button to start the process, and then follow the onscreen instructions.  You do not have to be a member of PayPal.

Make an online fund transfer from your financial institution to ours.  Click on the orange “Donate with Dwolla” button; then follow the onscreen instructions.  If you are not a Dwolla member, choose the “Dwolla Direct” option.  The funds will be withdrawn from your checking account and deposited in ours using the Automated Clearing House and Dwolla networks.

Write a check and mail it to our post office box address.  Checks payable to The Friends of Louis I. Kahn Park may be mailed to:

The Friends of Louis I. Kahn Park
PO Box 1830
Philadelphia, PA 19105-1830

Thank you for supporting the Friends with your donations.

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Charming city park located in the Washington Square West neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA. Managed and funded by the Friends of Kahn Park and our generous donors.