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Plays Well with Mobile Devices

If you’re fond of your smartphone or tablet, you’ll like this new, “responsive” website.  Our previous website was meant to be viewed on a laptop or desktop computer.  The new site is able to detect a mobile device, and automatically reformats itself to give a more satisfactory viewing experience.

The Buttons Are Back

For those who choose to make online donations to the General Fund,  PayPal buttons have been added to the site.  You’ll find them on the right side of both the Home page and the General Fund Donations page.

Members may access their accounts by clicking on the appropriate button.  Non-members of PayPal may use the PayPal button to make credit card donations, just as before.

Donors wishing to make online donations to the Endowment Fund may now do so by using the hyperlink to The Philadelphia Foundation’s donations page, found at the bottom of our Endowment Fund Donations page.