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Board of Directors

  • Margot Berg
  • Jean Buchenhorst
  • Dan Cassidy, Treasurer
  • Robert Cressy
  • Jen Gordon, Newsletter & Social Media
  • Rob Holt
  • Beth LaPiene
  • Jared McKnight
  • Suzanne Petruzel, President
  • Bonnie Schorske
  • Brett Volkman, Garden Coordinator
  • Michael Wittich

Board Advisers

  • Bruce Bonner
  • Jay Krush
  • Connie Moore, President emerita

Mailing Address

The Friends of Louis I. Kahn Park
PO Box 1830
Philadelphia, PA 19105-1830


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Charming city park located in the Washington Square West neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA. Managed and funded by the Friends of Kahn Park and our generous donors.